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OECD Workshop - Improving the pension income prospects of EU Member States: Lessons from the Pension Reviews - Paris, November 6th 2019


workshop pension reviews 2019

OECD Conference Centre in Paris – 2 Rue André Pascal, Room CC7 


The workshop - jointly by the OECD and European Commission - will be the occasion to:

  • present the objectives of pension reviews;
  • discuss the way pension reviews can best support policy reforms;
  • analyse how pension reviews can be best used in the European Semester;
  • discuss the role of the European Social Policy Committee in addressing pension challenges with ageing populations;
  • and seek guidance on what can be learnt from past pension reviews for future work. 

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Key documents and links



Session I: Key pension challenges and main recommendations
- Key pension challenges and findings from the Pension Reviews - Maciej Lis and Stéphanie Payet, OECD
- Main recommendations in the Pension Reviews of Ireland, Latvia and Portugal - Hervé Boulhol and Stéphanie Payet, OECD

Session II: Recommendations seen from the point of view of countries and of the European Commission
- Lessons from the Pension Reviews in Ireland - Alan Flynn
- Gradual implementation of OECD recommendations for Latvia - Daina Fromholde and Sandra Stabina
- National pension reform challenges and role for the SPC - Rait Kuuse, SPC Chair



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