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TALIS 2018 questionnaires


Teacher questionnaire/Questionnaire à l'intention des enseignants

Principal questionnaire/Questionnaire destiné aux chefs d'établissement

TALIS 2018 Glossary

This glossary provides the annotations for use during the instrument preparation (adaptation/translation). With advice specific to certain terminology, it provides broad definitions as well as advice on the use of local terms and adaptations.

Using these questionnaires

  • Please consult the OECD’s Terms and Conditions of use.
  • Please use the following citation information* for the TALIS 2018 questionnaires so that you can acknowledge the OECD as the source of the instruments:
    • OECD (2018), “Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS): Teacher Questionnaire”,
    • OECD (2018), “Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS): Principal Questionnaire”,

When citing participant versions (see TALIS participant pages), please add the name of the country or territory after the questionnaire name, the language (if the questionnaire(s) are in more than one language) and also the relevant URL. For example:

  • OECD (2018), “Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS): Teacher Questionnaire - Finland (Swedish language)”,

If there are questionnaires for more than one module for a participant, use the plural:

  • OECD (2018), “Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS): Teacher Questionnaires - Australia”,

For more information on TALIS, please check our home page.


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