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The piloting of the Social Protection Policy Options Tool (SPPOT) kicks off in Togo






TOGO, NOVEMBER 2016. To inform the re-design of its social protection policy, the Government of Togo requested an assessment of policy options for the extension of its social protection system. This assessment will be conducted using the Social Protection Policy Options Tool (SPPOT) – a new ISPA tool which has been developed by the International Labour Organisation in collaboration with various other international organisations. The EU-SPS is supporting the first pilot of the SPPOT tool.

During the kick-off workshop, the SPPOT methodology as well as data requirements for the pilot were discussed with stakeholders, including the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Social Action as well as civil society and donor partners. The aim is to conclude the pilot with a national social dialogue in the spring of 2017, so that its results can inform the design of the new social protection policy.



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