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Experts’ meeting on pro-poor Universal Health Coverage in Paris




FRANCE, JUNE 2017. In the context of the EU Social Protection Systems Programme, the OECD Development Centre has initiated research on the implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) reforms in developing countries, and the extent to which these have supported poverty reduction efforts. On 23 June an Experts’ Meeting brought together health and social protection specialists to discuss the conceptual and policy dimensions of UHC and equity, as well as the UHC-social protection nexus. The feedback and conclusions will feed into the research and its country case studies. The report will highlight how countries have navigated complex trade-offs between extending coverage along the three dimensions of population, service and financial coverage, how these trade-offs relate to wider policy trade-offs from a social protection perspective, and what the “net effect” of these different trade-offs is on poverty reduction and equity objectives.

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