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Addis Ababa - Comprehensive mapping of social protection revenue and expenditure presented




ETHIOPIA, NOVEMBER 2017. EU-SPS research into the long-term financing of Social Protection in Ethiopia has passed an important milestone with the completion of its comprehensive mapping of social protection revenue and expenditure. To discuss the results of this exercise, a workshop was held at the Elilly Hotel in Addis Ababa on 10 November, attended by some 40 policymakers and development partners. The Ethiopian Development Research Institute, the EU-SPS research partner in the long-term financing assignment, presented spending on each of the five focus areas of the Government of Ethiopia’s National Social Protection Policy with reference to comprehensive official data, including spending at a regional level. EDRI also analysed the different sources of financing for social protection, including domestic resources, external support and social security contributions. The results from the next phase of the analysis - identifying future financing scenarios – are expected in the first quarter of 2018.


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