Pro-competitive Policy Reforms: Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy


List of all proceedings and webpages of the Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy dealing with pro-competitive policy reforms (by alphabetical order).


Access to Key Transport Facilities (2006)

Application of Competition Policy to High Tech Markets (1996)

Assessing and Communicating the Benefits of Competition Interventions (2023) 

Authorities, The Optimal Design, Organisation and Powers of Competition (2023)

Bidding Markets (2006)

Big Data: Bringing Competition Policy to the Digital Era (2016)

Collusion and Corruption in Public Procurement (2010)

Competition in the Circular Economy (2023)

Competition in Public-Private Partnerships (2014)

Competitive Neutrality (2015)

Competitive Neutrality, Promotion by Competition Authorities (2021)

Competition Policy: Time for a Reset? (2020)

Consumer-facing Remedies (2018)

Co-operation between Competition Agencies and Regulators in the Financial Sector: 10 years on from the Financial Crisis (2017)

Data Portability, Interoperability and Competition (2021)

Democracy and Competition, Are they Symbiotic? (2017)

Designing Publicly Funded Healthcare Markets (2018)

Digital Advertising Markets (2020)

Disruptive Innovations (2015)

Disruptive Innovations in Legal Services (2016)

E-commerce: Implications for Competition Policy (2018)

Economic Recovery, The Role of Competition Policy in (2020)

Emission Permits (2010)

Energy Security and Competition Policy (2007)

Enhancing Beneficial Competititon in the Health Professions (2004)

Environment (1995)

Environmental Considerations in Competition Enforcement (2021)

Environmental Regulation (2006)

Essential Facilities Concept (1996)

Exit Strategies (2010)

Fighting Corruption and Promoting Competition (2014)

Food Chain Industry (2013)

Evaluation of Competitive Impacts of Government Interventions (2014)

Gender and Competition (2018)

Globalisation to Regionalisation (2023)

Goals of Competition Policy (2022)

How can Competition Contribute to Fairer Societies? (2018)

Human Rights (2016)

Industrial Policy and National Champions (2009)

Inflation (2022)

Innovation, The Relationship between Competition and (2023)

Institutional Design (Changes) of Competition Authorities (2014)

Intellectual Property and Standard Setting (2014)

Land Use Restrictions as Barriers to Entry (2008)

Liner Shipping (2015)

Market Concentration (2018)

Market Power in the Digital Economy and Competition Policy (2021)

Pro-active Policies for Green Growth and the Market Economy (2010)

Procurement Markets (1998)

Macroeconomic Outcomes and Competition Factsheet (2014)

Market Competition, Methodologies to Measure (2021)

Market Study Methodologies for Competition Authorities (2017)

Public Procurement - The Role of Competition Authorities in Promoting Competition (2007)

Public Sector: Regulating Market Activities (2004)

Poverty Reduction (2013)

Quality Considerations in the Zero-price Economy (2018)

Radical Innovation in the Electricity Sector (2017)

Regional Competition Agreements: Benefits and Challenges (2018)

Relations between Regulators and Competition Authorities (1998)

Regulated Conduct Defence (2011)

Resale Below Cost Laws and Regulations (2005)

State Aids and Subsidies (2010)

Standard Setting (2010)

State-owned Enterprises and the Principle of Competitive Neutrality (2009)

Subsidies and Trade (2022)

Substitute Services on Regulation (2005)

Taxi, Ride-sourcing and Ride-sharing Services (2018)

Trade, Development and Competition (2021)

Treatment of Legally Privileged Information in Competition Proceedings (2018)

Universal Service Obligations (2003)

Using Market Studies to Tackle Emerging Competition Issues (2020)

Competition and the Use of Tenders and Auctions (2014)


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