Procedural Fairness and Transparency - 2012


Date of publication

30 April 2012


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This publication summarises three roundtable discussions on transparency and procedural fairness held during 2010 and 2011 at OECD Competition meetings. A key theme emerging from the discussions was a broad consensus on the need and importance of transparency and procedural fairness in competition enforcement despite the many differences amongst jurisdictions. The debate showed that procedural fairness and transparency are important to ensure citizens’ confidence and belief in a fair legal system and in those applying the law.


Table of contents


1. Introduction by Ms. Sharis A. Pozen, Former Chair of Working Party No. 3 from the Competition


2. Continuously Seeking to Improve Transparency and Procedural Fairness: Examples 

3. Executive Summaries:

  - Procedural Fairness

  - Relationship between Competition Authorities and Courts

4. Summaries of discussion:

  - Procedural Fairness (February 2010)

  - Procedural Fairness (June 2010)

  - Relationship between Competition Authorities and Courts (October 2011)


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