Workshop on market studies selection and prioritisation of sectors and industries


 9 March 2017 OECD Conference Centre, Paris

The OECD held a workshop in Paris on 9 March 2017 to provide capacity building to competition officials that have already or will be involved in performing market studies.

Many competition authorities have indicated that market studies are an essential tool for accomplishing a variety of objectives, including preparing for enforcement action in a market, identifying competition problems due to regulation, or addressing consumer complaints in a transparent and thorough manner.

However, selecting markets for study when there are no clear indications of a specific competition law violation can be challenging (particularly without consumer complaints or specific references from government bodies), and prioritising markets when many options exist may not be straightforward.


The workshop gave participants the opportunity to explore:

  • how market study objectives influence the selection and prioritisation of sectors to be studied

  • strategic considerations to be taken into account

  • existing techniques for identifying candidate sectors

  • market study scoping


The workshop provided an opportunity for authorities to share some lessons learned, and to hear from our distinguished panel of experts: 

  • Amelia Fletcher (Professor of Competition Policy, Norwich Business School and Non-Executive Director, UK Financial Conduct Authority),

  • Thibaud Vergé (Professor at ENSAE, Researcher at CREST Paris and Senior Academic Consultant to Charles River Associates); and 

  • Miguel de la Mano (Executive Vice President, Compass Lexicon). 


Read the Summary of the workshop.




Summary of the Workshop




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