Abuse of Dominance: Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy


List of all proceedings and webpages of the Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy series dealing with Abuse of Dominance (by alphabetical order).


Abuse cases, Economic Analysis and Evidence (2021)

Abuse of Dominance and Monopolisation (1996)

Abuse of Dominance in Digital Markets (2020)

Aftermarkets, Competition Issues in (2017)

Algorithmic competition (2023)

Barriers to Entry (2005)

Integrating Consumer Behaviour Insights in Competition Enforcement (2022)

Big Data: Bringing Competition Policy to the Digital Era (2016)

Buying Power of Multiproduct Retailers (1998)

Circular Economy, Competitio in the (2023)

Commitment Decisions in Antitrust Cases (2016)

Competition and Professional Sports (2023)

Competition and Innovation (2023)

Competition on the Merits (2005)

Competitive Neutrality, Promotion by Competition Authorities (2021)

Compliance Programmes (2021)

Consumer-facing Remedies (2018)

Data portability, interoperability and competition (2021)

Digital Advertising Markets (2020)

Director Disqualification and Bidder Exclusion in Competition Enforcement (2022)

E-commerce: Implications for Competition Policy (2018)

Economics of Digital Ecosystems (2020)

Enforcement and Regulatory Alternatives (2021)

Enhanced Enforcement Co-operation (2014)

Environmental Considerations in Competition Enforcement (2021)

Evidentiary Issues in Proving Dominance (2006)

Excessive Prices (2011)

Excessive Pricing in Pharmaceuticals (2018)

Essential Facilities Concept (1996)

Evidentiary Issues in Proving Dominance (2006)

Fidelity and Bundled Rebates and Discounts (2008)

Fidelity Rebates and Competition (2016)

Geographic Market Definition Across National Borders (2016)

Guidance to Business on Monopolisation and Abuse of Dominance (2007)

How Can Competition Contribute to Fairer Societies? (2018)

Interim Measures in Antitrust Investigations (2022)

Land Use Restrictions as Barriers to Entry (2008)

Loyalty and Fidelity Discounts and Rebates (2002)

Margin Squeeze (2009)

Market Competition, Methodologies to Measure (2021)

Market Concentration (2018)

Market Definition (2012)

Market Power in the Digital Economy and Competition Policy (2022)

Monopsony and Buyer Power (2008)

Multi-sided Markets: Rethinking the Use of Traditional Antitrust Enforcement Tools (2017)

Oligopoly Markets (2015) 

Oligopoly (1999)

Out-of-Market Efficiencies in Competition Enforcement (2023)

Personalised Pricing in the Digital Era (2018)

Potential Competition, Concept of (2021)

Predatory Foreclosure (2004)

Price Discrimination (2016)

Procedural Fairness and Transparency (2012)

Purchasing Power and Buyers' Cartels (2022)

Regional Competition Agreements: Benefits and Challenges (2018)

Quality Considerations in the Zero-price Economy (2018)

Quality in Competition Analysis (Role and measurement of)  (2013)

Refusals to Deal (2007)

Regulated Conduct Defence (2011)

Remedies and Sanctions in Abuse of Dominance Cases (2006)

Remedies and Commitments in Abuse Cases (2022)

Resale Below Cost Laws and Regulations (2005)

Resale Price Maintenance (2008) / Resale Price Maintenance (1997)

Safe Harbours and Legal Presumptions in Competition Law (2017)

Sanctions in Antitrust Cases (2016)

Subsidies, Competition and Trade (2022)

Sustainability and Competition (2020)

State-owned Entreprises and Competition (2018)

Television and Broadcasting (2013)

Vertical Relations in Gasoline Retailing (2008)

Vertical Restraints for On-line Sales (2013)


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