Evaluation of development programmes

Understanding the role of evaluation in development programmes


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Robust, independent evaluation of development programmes provides information about what works, what does not and why. This learning contributes to improving the development effectiveness of aid and helps hold donors and partner country governments accountable for results.

Role of evaluation

As a platform for evaluation learning and co-ordination, the DAC Network on Development Evaluation develops shared norms and standards and, with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness in mind, contributes to efforts to build capacity among developing countries to perform and collaborate in evaluations.  It also facilitates their members' efforts towards joint work by encouraging them to share and co-ordinate their plans for future evaluations.  


Through the DAC Evaluation Resource Centre (DEReC), the network collects evaluation reports from all its members' development agencies. With over 3 000 reports and new reports added weekly, DEReC is an extensive and unique resource that facilitates learning and provides evaluators with evidence of what works and what doesn't.


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