Risk and Resilience

Support to DAC members


Ethiopia – May 2016

A RSA workshop helped identify Sweden’s comparative advantage in Ethiopia, which includes long-term engagement in the country, a strong support for gender equality and linking with the civil society. It supported the operationalisation of the 2016-2020 Swedish Development Strategy for Ethiopia. Read the report


Jordan and Lebanon – June 2015

As a result of the Syrian conflict, Jordan and Lebanon host one of the highest ratios of registered refugees in the world. A RSA workshop allowed Sweden to think more creatively about potential partnerships to support the countries’ capacity to manage this crisis. It highlighted the key role of private sector, civil society organisations, family networks and faith based organisations in strengthening resilience. Read the report


Kenya – March 2016

For Kenya, a RSA workshop studied Sweden's contributions to ensure that they are strategic and catalytic. It also highlighted the need to better understand the role of social capital in strengthening people's resilience. It contributed to operationalising the Swedish government’s new development strategy. Read the report


Somalia – October 2015

Sweden’s comparative advantage within the Somali context was studied in a RSA workshop to ensure that Sweden’s contributions complement the engagement of other development partners and the Government of Somalia. It recommended delivering stronger development outcomes at the community level as a key aspect of supporting longer term state-building and institutional strengthening.  This RSA workshop supported the mid-term review of the Swedish strategy implementation in Somalia. Read the report


South Sudan – February 2016

The RSA framework helped identify key stakeholders that are supporting people in accessing critical assets, including the National Council for Child Welfare and several women’s groups in South Sudan. A RSA workshop supported the mid-term review of the Swedish strategy implementation in South Sudan. Read the report


Sudan – February 2016

A mid-term review of the Swedish strategy implementation in Sudan was supported by a RSA workshop. It helped Sweden to better understand the impacts of its portfolio contributions at different layers of the Sudanese society. It also showed the need to strengthen the human rights perspective through a focus on governance, rule of law and legislative reform. Read the report


Syria - June 2015

Sweden had not previously focused on articulating a development strategy in an environment as complex as Syria. A RSA workshop identified the major stakeholders influencing the people’s well-being, including for instance the local business community, and helped to inform the development of the Regional Syria Crisis Response Strategy. Read the report


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