Conflict and fragility

What are the right incentives to help donors support resilience


‌‌‌‌‌Experts Group Publication

The paper proposes a menu of incentives that could be useful in different contexts to ensure political buy-in for resilience, to drive behaviour change by all actors, and to ensure that the risk analysis actually leads to the prioritisation of resilience programming.


A number of challenges stand in the way of donors moving towards a focus on building resilience in partner countries: contextual – factors in the overall operating environment in partner countries, that shape, and sometimes restrict, how donors can function;  programmatic – factors that influence how development, climate change and humanitarian assistance programmes are designed and the results that can be achieved; and institutional – structural factors that influence how donors, and their staff, behave and operate. The paper outlines how these different challenges can limit, and sometimes prohibit, donors from working to strengthen the resilience of people, communities, and states and their institutions. 


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