Conflict and fragility

From good idea to good practice - options to make resilience work


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This paper outlines the key findings from Phase 1 of the work on Risk and Resilience, and outlines the priorities set for Phase 2:

  1. Ensuring that resilience and risk are properly integrated into the post-2015 processes
  2. Simple guidelines for country teams on how to “do” resilience
  3. Piloting a joint risk assessment in the field, including further work on measuring resilience
  4. Embedding resilience into donor processes, including the potential role of markers
  5. Further research on:
    • extensive risk – including cost-benefit analysis, impact analysis and the impact of extensive risk on growth
    • Involving private sector at local level
    • Risk transfer and risk financing options, including donor funding options
    • Governance of risk – which risks should be owned by which layers of society?
    • Transferring lessons from OECD countries, private sector (including business continuity planning) and the military;
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 Publication date: December 2013


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