Launch of Togo’s SPPOT report and fiscal equity study



SPPOT and Fiscal Equity Togo reports launch 


TOGO, SEPTEMBER 2018. The launch of Togo’s Social Protection Policy Options Tool (SPPOT) report and the fiscal equity study took place in Lomé on 19 Septembe 2018r. The event, which was jointly organised by the EU–SPS, the Ministry of Labour, the International Labour Organization and the European Union, was opened by Mr. Gilbert Bawara, Minister of Labour. During the roundtable discussions, under the theme “strengthening and expanding social protection in Togo through the establishment of a national protection floors”, the findings of both reports were discussed. UNICEF presented the donor perspective, while the ILO and the OECD provided their feedback on the findings and the methodology. The Government expressed strong interest in proceeding with the Social Protection Policy framework incorporating the findings from the SPPOT and integration in National Development Plan for 2019-2023.


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