Turning African Agriculture into a Business: Lessons Learned


The Business for development team has recently released 12 focus articles on new approaches to agro-based private sector development in Africa. The articles are the basis of our Report on lessons learned from “Turning African Agriculture into a Business” and are based on interviews with experts from official donor agencies, research institutions and private stakeholders.


These focus articles point to some successful efforts undertaken by African farmers and businesses, with the support of government and donors, to improve supply conditions and spur long-term agricultural growth. Other focus areas include private equity as a new source of financing for private business initiatives in Africa.


Part I: New Ways to Approach African Agriculture

Big Players in African Fields

Global Agro-Food Supply Chain: Is There Space for Africa?

Private Equity: Helping Fill Africa’s Financing Gap?

Development Finance Institutions: Profitability Promoting Development

Outgrower Schemes – Why Big Multinationals Link up with African Smallholders

Africa can Develop Domestic Agribusiness Better

Linking Smallholders to Markets – What Role for Donors?


Part II: Challenges and Opportunities for African Agriculture: Five Country Cases


Ghana – Seizing New Agribusiness Opportunities

Mali – Beyond Cotton, Searching for “Green Gold”

Senegal – Challenges of Diversification and Food Security

Tanzania – Why a Potential Food Exporter is Still Importing Food

Zambia – Leveraging Agricultural Potential 


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In a recent interview, we asked Anthony Bouthelier, Executive Chairman of the French Council of Investors in Africa to expand on some of the issues raised.

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