Ethiopia - Workshop on long-term social protection financing





ETHIOPIA, MAY 2017. A research collaboration on the long-term financing of social protection between Ethiopia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the EU-SPS held its first workshop in Addis Ababa on 31 May. The event was attended by representatives of more than a dozen institutions including government ministries, local NGOs and international development partners, all active in the social protection sector. Professor Tassew Woldehanna from the Ethiopian Development Research Institute, which is supporting the project, presented an initial mapping of social protection spending, including expenditure by Ministries, social security agencies and development partners. Once this mapping is complete and the results validated by different stakeholders, the next stage of the collaboration will be to devise different scenarios for the implementation of Ethiopia’s national social protection strategy, a landmark document which not only calls for an expansion of social protection but also requires that spending be entirely financed domestically as Ethiopia progresses towards middle-income status.



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