African Economic Outlook 2002/2003



The slowdown of the world economy and internal factors related to political and economic governance, food crisis, and the spread of epidemics have affected the 2002 performance which has been on average, for the first time since 1995, below 3 per cent. Expectations for 2003 are of a sluggish economic recovery of 3.3 per cent. However the continental picture masks a great diversity of growth performance and outlook at regional and country level which calls for a more in depth analysis of the country specific determinants of growth.

Although various annual reports on developing countries are published by international organisations, the African continent is seldom covered on a country-by-country comparative basis. One common concern of donors, private investors and local policy makers about African countries is the lack of consistent, reliable, and timely information on their economic, political and social developments. The African Economic Outlook report fills this gap of information, providing an annual review recent economic situation and the short-term likely evolutions of 22 African countries.


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African Economic Outlook Report 2002/03
Available in print (paperback) and electronic format (pdf)
420 pages, OECD, Paris 2003
Euros 70
ISBN 92-64-10003-2