Workshop on ex-post evaluation of enforcement decisions by competition authorities


‌The OECD held a workshop in Paris on 19 April 2016 to provide capacity building to competition officials that have already been or will be involved in the ex-post evaluation of enforcement decisions.

During the workshop, the ex-post evaluations of three enforcement decisions were presented in detail by their authors and then discussed with the support of two invitees: Prof. Walter Beckert (University of London) and Prof. John E. Kwoka, (Northeastern University).

The workshop provided participants the opportunity to:


learn how an ex-post evaluation is carried out in practice


discuss the difficulties that can be encountered when such an exercise is undertaken


examine the strengths and weaknesses of the various possible methodological approaches


have an opportunity to ask questions and propose ideas


understand what lessons can be learnt from these experiences

Long distance participation in the workshop was possible. Over 20 participants from all around the world listened to the discussion, viewed the slides of the presentations and asked questions through a chat.


19 April 2016 Workshop

»  Summary Paper by Prof.  Kwoka

»  Agenda

» Presentations (.zip)

» List of ex-post evaluations discussed:


22  April 2015 Workshop

In April 2015, the OECD held a first workshop on ex-post evaluation. Three enforcement decisions were presented in detail by their authors and then discussed with the support of two invitees: Prof. Tomaso Duso (DIW Berlin and DICE) and Dr. Peter Ormosi (UEA, Norwich).

Ideas and comments emerged from the discussion were used to enrich the OECD Reference Guide on the Ex-Post Evaluation of Competition Authorities’ Enforcement Decisions.


» Detailed Summary of this workshop

» Agenda

» List of ex-post evaluations discussed:

» Presentations (.zip)

For more information on the content of this workshop, please contact:

» October 2015 discussion on the results of the workshop

In October 2015, Competition delegates discussed the last output of the 3-year work stream project on evaluation. The two experts who led the April workshop presented their conclusions on the discussions.

View their Note and presentations:
Peter Ormosi [UEA, Norwich]
Tomaso Duso [DIW Berlin & DICE Düsseldorf] 

Reference guide on ex-post evaluation of competition agencies' enforcement decisions

This reference guide presents an in-depth overview of all the issues linked to ex-post assessments and contains numerous examples and references. It is a great tool for agencies who want to start performing such evaluations and for those who would like to improve the quality of evaluations they already make. Read more


Factsheet on competition and macroeconomic outcomes

This factsheet summarises evidence on the links between competition and macroeconomic outcomes, such as productivity, growth, innovation and employment. Read more


Guide on competition impact assessment

This guide provides a simple and easy methodology for determining the likely benefits that consumers will derive from competition agencies’ decisions and suggestions on how to present results obtained. Read more




The OECD work on evaluation of competition interventions

Governments everywhere are increasingly interested in assessing the effects of their policies and the effectiveness of public institutions. Competition policy is no exception. Competition agencies affect the economy by taking decisions on cases under competition law. With their governments, they can influence market competition in the economy more widely through policy interventions.

Given its importance, the evaluation of competition interventions has become one of the strategic priorities for the OECD’s work on competition. The OECD is gathering evidence of existing best practices in such evaluations and trying to expand the range of techniques that can be used. Read more about our work on this area 


Links and documents

Reference guide on ex-post evaluation of competition agencies’ enforcement decisions, April 2016

Factsheet on competition and macroeconomic outcomes, October 2014

Guide for assessing the impact of competition authorities' activities, April 2014

Evaluation of competitive impacts of government interventions, Discussion held in February 2014

Competition and macroeconomic outcomes factsheet, Discussion held in October 2013

Evaluation of competition enforcement and advocacy activities: results of an OECD survey, 2013 (pdf). Also available in French.

Assessment of the Impact of Competition Authorities' Activities, Note by Stephen Davies, 2013 (pdf)

Evaluating the impact of competition law enforcement, Note by Peter Osmosi, 2012 (pdf)

Impact Evaluation of Merger Decisions, 2011 (pdf)

Evaluation of the Actions and Resources of Competition Authorities, 2005 (pdf)


OECD work on Regulatory Impact Analysis


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