4th expert dialogue of the Latin American Network of Good Regulatory Practices


16-17 March 2017, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia


Inaugurated by Director of DNP Simon Gaviria, the Fourth Dialogue of Experts of the Latin American Network on Good Regulatory Practices was held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, where countries of the region exchanged their experiences and practices to improve the quality of their regulations.


ATTENDANCE: Representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru, Inter-American Development Bank, OECD, Spain and the United Kingdom.



  • Simplification of formalities for citizens and companies, and public consultations in the elaboration of regulations to gather comments from stakeholders.
  • Regulatory Policy in Latin America: An analysis of the state of play. According to the report, Latin American countries have initiated the implementation of regulatory policy, but it is necessary to strengthen the institutions setup to ensure effectiveness. Report presented by Nikolai Malyshev, Head of the Regulatory Policy Division.


The initiative of the Latin American Network of Good Regulatory Practices seeks to establish a permanent dialogue on progress and challenges in promoting regulatory quality in Latin America and the Caribbean countries. The main objective of the Network is to communicate and exchange experiences and practices among experts in the Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC) as well as OECD member countries. Three previous meetings were held in the cities of Paris in April 2015, Lima in June 2015 and Santiago in April 2016.


During the meeting, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico shared their experiences in improving the quality of their regulatory framework. Colombia outlined the approach to a whole-of-government approach to regulatory improvement, in which a large number of government agencies are involved and committed. In addition, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and the United Kingdom presented the advances and challenges in reducing administrative burdens and simplifying formalities. Spain presented a methodology and case study for the measurement and reduction of administrative burdens.


The participating Latin American countries, together with OECD and IADB, agreed to continue the dialogue in order to further strengthen the network. It was agreed that the host country for the next meeting of the Network will be Mexico.



  • Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development;
  • Training Centre of Spanish Cooperation in Cartagena de Indias;
  • National Planning Department (DNP) of Colombia.

Please see the agenda in English and in Spanish

See press report in Spanish



OECD Regulatory Policy Division in Latin America @OCDE_RLAC

Delia María Vázquez Luna, Policy Analyst, OECD @delia_vazquez

Guillermo Morales, Policy Analyst, OECD @memomoso

Manuel Gerardo Flores, Senior Economist, OECD @M_GerardoFlores



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