Testing of chemicals

Series on Testing and Assessment: Emission and Exposure


No. 295OECD Product Release and Exposure Data Warehouse

No. 294: Matrix Between Emission Scenario Documents (ESDs) and Specific Environmental Release Categories (SpERCs)

No. 262: Internationally Harmonised Functional, Product and Article use categories

No. 209: Report on OECD Workshop on Children's exposure to chemicals

No 200: Removal/emission predictions of wastewater treatment for exposure assessment and PRTRs - summary and compilation of responses from 2012 OECD survey

No. 192: Assessing the Risk of Chemicals to Children's Health: an OECD-wide Survey

No 185: Guidance document for exposure assessment based on environmental monitoring

No 182: Results of the questionnaire survey on existing tools for exposure assessment

No 167: Crosswalk of harmonized U.S. - Canada industrial function and consumer and commercial product categories with EU chemical product and article categories

No 140: WHO OECD ILSI/HESI international workshop on risk assessment of combined exposures to multiple chemicals [Annex 2, Annex 3, Annex 7]

No 107: Preservative-treated wood to the environment: For wood held in storage after treatment and for wooden commodities that are not covered and are not in contact with ground

No 52: Comparison of emission estimation methods used in pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTRs) and emission scenario documents (ESDs): Case study of pulp and paper and textile sectors

No 51: Approaches to exposure assessment in OECD Member Countries: Report from the policy dialogue on exposure assessment in June 2005

No 45: Guidance document on the use of multimedia models for estimating overall environmental persistence and long-range transport. See also explanation and blank reporting format.

No 42: Guidance document on reporting summary information on environmental, occupational and consumer exposure

No 36: Report of the OECD/UNEP workshop on the use of multimedia models for estimating overall environmental persistence and long range transport in the context of PBTS/POPS assessment

No 18: Report of the OECD workshop on improving the use of monitoring data in the exposure assessment of industrial chemicals

No 17: Environmental exposure assessment strategies for existing industrial chemicals in OECD Member Countries

No 9: Guidance document for the conduct of studies of occupational exposure to pesticides during agricultural application

ENV Monograph No 70: Occupational and consumer exposure relationships

ENV Monograph No 67: Application of structure-activity relationships to the estimation of properties important in exposure assessment


The following monographs are available in paper only.  To request a copy please send an email to

ENV Monograph No 69: Report of the OECD workshop on the application of simple models for exposure assessment

ENV Monograph No 27: Compendium of environmental exposure assessment methods for chemicals