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OECD workshop on approaches for establishing Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs)

21 and 24 October 2022
12h00-15h00 (Paris time, CEST)
Virtual workshop

The OECD workshop on approaches for establishing Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) presented the outcomes of the OECD survey report on the OELs setting and explored the possible opportunities for harmonisation approaches for setting OELs amongst countries. In addition, the workshop introduced Japan’s new legal framework on OELs, which aims to establish approximately 500 new OELs in the next three years.

This workshop was jointly hosted by Japan and the OECD. Japan provided English-Japanese interpretation to facilitate the discussion at the workshop.

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Watch the workshop in Japanese



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DAY 1:

Item 1. Opening: Mariko Ono (JNIOSH)

Item 2. Introduction: Koki Takaki

Item 3. General workflow/process from the OECD survey report: Michelle Deveau(Health Canada)

Item 4. General workflow/process – OEL settings in Japan Speaker: Mariko Ono (JNIOSH)

Item 5. Specific endpoints: Carcinogenicity: Stefan Vink (Health Council of the Netherlands)

Item 6. Setting Surface-Limits: Bruce D. Naumann (ACGIH)

Item 7. Application of Occupational Biomonitoring: Robert Pasanen (SECO)


DAY 2:

Item 9. Opening: Koki Takaki (OECD)

Item 10. Potential for harmonisation – summary of results from the OECD survey report: Michelle Deveau (Health Canada)

Item 11. Harmonisation initiatives – U.S. coordination activities: Yvette Selby-Mohamadu (USEPA)

Item 12. Harmonisation initiatives – Non-government organisations: Andy Maier (WEEL Committee)

Item 13. Harmonisation initiatives – Germany: Claudia Drossard (BAuA), Klaus Schneider (FoBiG, Germany)

Item 14. Harmonisation initiatives – EU: Laurence Hoffstadt (ECHA)

Item 16. Next steps: Koki Takaki (OECD)

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