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Workshop on Transnational Entrepreneurship


3 September 2018 Room D, OECD Headquarters

This workshop will explore and discuss the contributions made and the challenges faced by transnational entrepreneurs who set up new ventures in either foreign shores or in both their destination and their home countries.

What will be discussed?

The workshop will include a presentation on prospects for policy development cutting across various economic development agendas. This will be followed by presentations and discussions of various good practice policy initiatives and research findings on transnational entrepreneurship. Participants will also be able to exchange experiences and discuss common issues regarding support for transnational entrepreneurs as well as identify potential areas for future policy development.

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Who should attend?

The workshop is targeted at policy makers, practitioners and researchers who are involved in the design and implementation of entrepreneurship policies and projects at the national, regional or local level. It is also open to those who are interested in learning more about the potential of transnational entrepreneurs and policy instruments that can be used to support them.




What’s the format?

The workshop will be structured around presentations and group discussions that enable optimal levels of participation by all delegates. The workshop will be complemented by a report based on the evidence and ideas presented and by a range of articles and blogs. There will also be a complementary session on this topic at the International Entrepreneurship Forum conference in Nancy, France, in December 2018.



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