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OECD Roundtable on Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth


3rd OECD Roundtable on Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth - How can smart cities boost the net-zero transition? 

 3 July 2023 09.30-18.00 CET  OECD Headquarters, Paris (Hybrid)

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Cities have a pivotal role to play in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Cities are home to almost half of the global population, account for around two-thirds of global energy demand and generate 70% of energy-related global CO2 emissions. These shares will only increase over the coming decades as the share of the global population living in cities is expected to reach 55% by 2050. Cities are also at the forefront of implementing ambitious climate action, with many adopting more ambitious targets than their national governments. 

Smart cities represent a key opportunity to help cities reach their climate objectives and drive the global net-zero transition. While digital innovation and new technologies can foster considerable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions across many urban sectors, such as buildings and transports, their take-up or impacts on emission reduction have so far remain limited. The implementation of smart city initiatives can also bring challenges and risks, such as risks to data privacy and security, but also importantly create environmental negative externalities. How can smart city initiatives boost the net-zero transition? What can national and local governments do to leverage smart city solutions more effectively and navigate potential risks? How can the contribution of smart cities to the net-zero transition be measured?

As part of the OECD Programme on Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth, the 3rd edition of the OECD Roundtable on Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth will bring key stakeholders from cities, national governments, the private sector, civil society, academia and international organisations to:

  • Share the innovative solutions to meet their net-zero objectives
  • Understand the risks and barriers hindering the roll-out of smart city initiatives to boost the net-zero transition
  • Identify the enabling factors that can help smart cities meet their net-zero objectives
  • Advance the strengthening of the net-zero objective in the OECD Smart City Measurement Framework 

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