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Museums and Local Development


ICOMMuseums and cultural heritage are powerful assets for local development. They can help attract tourists, bring revenue, regenerate local economies, promote inclusion, boost cultural diversity and reinvent territorial identity.

OECD-ICOM Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums

The OECD-ICOM Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums is a learning, self-assessment and development tool that can be used:

  • By local and regional governments to assess and improve their approaches to maximising the social and economic value of cultural heritage.
  • By museums to assess and strengthen their existing and potential linkages with the local economy and social fabric.
  • To identify concrete ways for museums, local governments and other stakeholders to partner.
  • As a learning tool for everybody interested in culture and heritage as lever for local development.

The Guide was developed by the OECD’s Local Economic and Employment Development Programme (LEED) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM) to inform and support policy makers and the museum community in maximising the impact of culture and heritage on local development.

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Case Studies

Museums and Local Develpoment in Lisbon, Portugal

Museums and Local Development in the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy

Museums and Local Development in Poland


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The power of museums

What are the links between cities and museums? 



Cities, regions and countries, as well as museums can:

  • Request to engage in a case study on Museums and Local Development 
  • Invite the OECD and ICOM to present key findings at conferences and workshops
  • Support the translation of the Guide into country language



OECD -, Coordinator, Cultural and Creative Industries & Local Development, CFE, Museums and Society Coordinator, ICOM Secretariat


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