Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Job creation through social entrepreneurship and the social economy


A LEED project for 2011-2012


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The work will build on the results from the 2009-2010 LEED project on "Improving the social inclusion capacity of the social economy". The ability of social entrepreneurship and the social economy to address complex, multi-faceted issues which have a negative impact on social cohesion has been acknowledged internationally and this contributes to their role as agents of sustainable local development and local social capital builders. It is therefore important to identify what factors contribute to, as well as those that hinder, their ability to create and sustain jobs, particularly for individuals and groups who confront difficulties on the open labour market.

This project will provide national and local policy makers with an assessment of the factors which contribute to the creation of jobs by social economy organisations and social enterprises in selected sectors and countries/localities. In particular, it will look at the way in which social economy organisations and social enterprises can create and sustain quality employment for individuals who face difficulties in entering the open labour market, including younger and older people, women, and vulnerable groups.


Issues to be addressed

The central issues to be considered are:


What factors contribute to social economy job creation?


What obstacles hinder job creation in social economy organisations?


Are there any differences which can be identified between sectors or target groups?


What role do policy makers have in helping social economy organisations to create quality employment opportunities?



The approach is based on previous and current LEED work, the analysis of the international literature and available data, expert surveys and selected case studies, alongside seminars and roundtable meetings in interested countries. The project will utilise a range of tools, both qualitative and quantitative, to examine how social enterprises, and the social economy, more generally can be supported to create and sustain jobs.


Selected case studies. A call for case studies will be launched to identify ‘good practice’ examples from OECD Members that focus on sectors and/or target groups.


A questionnaire of governmental and social economy actors. The purpose of the questionnaire is to enable an assessment of what factors stimulate sustainable job creation and whether there are any specific factors for different vulnerable groups or difference sectors.




A report on job creation through social enterprises and the social economy.


National workshops and seminars can be held in countries interested in participating.

The project is based on Voluntary Contributions of each participant country and the support of the European Commission.



For further information about the project please contact Antonella Noya and Emma Clarence at the OECD Secretariat.


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