Welcome to the OECD’s Procurement page where you will find information about procurement at the OECD as well as current opportunities for collaboration.

 The OECD procures a wide range of goods and services for about 130 MEUR a year, among these are:

  • Intellectual services
  • Information and communicationTechnology
  • Construction related materials and services
  • Publication and communication related equipment and materials

More information on the OECD and its aims can be found here.

The OECD expects its suppliers and their employees to meet the highest ethical and moral standards in all business relationships. OECD staff may not accept, directly or indirectly, any gratuity, gift, favour, loan or anything of monetary value. In addition, we request our suppliers/providers to never put the Organisation or one of its staff members in an ethically unacceptable situation by offering gifts or hospitality of any kind.


Message to all contractors

Given the current exceptional circumstances linked to the Covid-19 outbreak, in order to facilitate payments, the OECD is requesting all its suppliers and service providers to send their invoices in PDF format to the following email address: PBF-Biens-services.support@oecd.org (one invoice per email).

This will help our Organisation honor its commitments and terms of payment with suppliers while ensuring the safety of our staff during this period. Invoices not sent via PDF may experience a delay.

This measure is effective from now until further notice.