Together, we help shape #BetterLives

These are snapshots of the impact achieved through our collaboration with policy makers and partners across society. We help inform and advance policy debate so that countries can make the right decisions and reforms to deliver better policies for their citizens and to meet global commitments, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, we have been promoting inclusive growth and putting people’s well-being at the top of the policy agenda. With the Centre on Well-being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE) leading our work in this field, we develop new metrics to help measure inclusiveness and well-being, and seek to better understand the impact that policies and business actions have on people’s lives today, and on the sustainability of well-being over time.

As our societies evolve, we re-examine and adapt our thinking and policy responses. Under our new approaches to economic challenges initiative, we go beyond traditional economic models and take into account the many factors shaping people’s decisions, such as culture, identity, psychology, and behaviour. We also analyse global transformations, such as the impact of new technologies on society, jobs and the economy.

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