OECD hosts a meeting of the CREDAF Working group on BEPS


02/11/2015 - The CREDAF Working group on BEPS held its second physical meeting in Paris on 2 November 2015, following the one that took place in Kinshasa on 27 May 2015. Twenty five participants gathered to discuss the work to be performed within the implementation phase of the OECD/G20 BEPS Project.

Representatives from 11 francophone and mostly African countries, from the IBFD, from the CREDAF and the OECD, discussed topics such as transfer pricing documentation, indirect transfer of assets, tax incentives and comparability issue in transfer pricing.

Didier Cornillet, CREDAF's Secretary-General, presented the technical notes written by the Working group members in relation to Actions 4, 7, 10 and 13 of the BEPS Project. He underlined the interest of the Group and his will to strengthen the co-operation with the OECD on the implementation work streams identified as relevant by the CREDAF member countries.

Valerio Barbantini, Co-ordinator of BEPS and developing countries at the OECD, also underlined the interest for the OECD to collect experiences from francophone and African countries in order to build more adapted solution to their needs.

February 2016 will be the next step for the co-operation between the CREDAF and the OECD, with the organisation in Senegal of several events including a seminar on transfer pricing and exchange of information, as well as the regional network meeting on BEPS for francophone countries.

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