Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean 2020

This third edition of Government at a Glance Latin America and the Caribbean provides the latest available evidence on public administrations and their performance in the LAC region and compares it to OECD countries. This publication includes indicators on public finances and economics, public employment, centres of government, regulatory governance, open government data, public sector integrity, public procurement and for the first time core government results (e.g. trust, inequality reduction). Governance indicators are especially useful for monitoring and benchmarking governments' progress in their public sector reforms. Each indicator in the publication is presented in a user-friendly format, consisting of graphs and/or charts illustrating variations across countries and over time, brief descriptive analyses highlighting the major findings of the data, and a methodological section on the definition of the indicator and any limitations in data comparability.

Published on March 20, 2020 Latest available edition in: Portuguese, Spanish

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Executive summary
Reader’s guide
Good governance for Latin America and the Caribbean: Representing the interest of all
Public finance and economics10 chapters available
General government fiscal balance
General government structural balance
General government gross debt
General government revenues
General government tax revenues
General government expenditures
Revenues and expenditures structure by level of government
General government expenditure by economic transaction
Government investment spending
Fiscal revenues from non-renewable natural resources (NRNR)
Public employment2 chapters available
Employment in the public sector
Gender equality in public sector employment
Institutions (CoG)3 chapters available
Functions of the Centre of Government
Degree of influence and role in policy coordination of Centre of Government
Strategic management and monitoring in Centre of Government
Budgeting practices and procedures8 chapters available
Institutional setting and characteristics of the Central Budget Authority
Fiscal rules
Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks
Budget flexibility
Complementary budgets and reserve funds
Earmarked funds
Budget transparency
Stakeholder engagement in the budgetary process
Human resources management6 chapters available
HRM organisation and delegation
Recruitment and selection
Flexibility to restructure the public workforce
Performance appraisal
Compensation of civil servants
Regulatory governance6 chapters available
General trends and institutional settings
Stakeholder engagement for subordinate regulations
Regulatory impact assessment for subordinate regulations
Ex post evaluation and administrative simplification
Competition-friendly regulatory environment: The PMR indicators
Governance of regulators
Open Government Data4 chapters available
Open government data: Enabling policy maturity and sustainability
Data availability: Policy frameworks, stakeholder engagement and data release
Data accessibility: Open, free and accessible formats
Engaging users: Promoting awareness and re-use of open government data
Public Sector Integrity4 chapters available
Mainstreaming integrity policies: Reaching the organisations and all levels of government
Influence in decision-making through lobbying and political finance
Asset and interest disclosure system
Risk management and internal audit for public integrity
Public Procurement5 chapters available
Size of public procurement
Strategic public procurement
Electronic government procurement
Central procurement agencies
Procurement and the delivery of infrastructure projects
Core government results4 chapters available
Trust in government
Income inequality and redistribution
The rule of law
Citizen satisfaction with public services and institutions
Annexes6 chapters available
Composite indicator on Use of a medium-term perspective in the budget process
Classification and definition of occupations
OECD Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance (iREG) for Latin America 2019
OECD methodology for constructing the OURdata Index
Composite indexes on public sector integrity
Additional figures accessible online
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