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23/02/2015: Land Transport and How to Unlock Investment in Support of Green Growth

12/02/2015: Material Resources, Productivity and the Environment (pictured)

09/02/2015: Mapping Channels to Mobilise Institutional Investment in Sustainable Energy (pictured)

23/12/2014: Green Development Co-operation in Zambia: An Overview

20/11/2014: Compact City Policies: Korea

11/11/2014: Towards Green Growth in Southeast Asia (pictured)

02/10/2014: Green Growth Indicators for Agriculture

04/09/2014: OECD Environmental Performance Review: Iceland 2014

21/08/2014: Estimating Shadow Prices of Pollution in Selected OECD Countries

21/08/2014: Adjusting Productivity for Pollution in Selected Asian Economies

24/06/2014: Green Growth Indicators 2014

11/06/2014: OECD Environmental performance Reviews: Sweden 2014 (Assessment and Recommendations)

10/04/2014: OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Colombia 2014

14/10/2013: Policy Instruments to Support Green Growth in Agriculture

12/08/2013: Making Growth Green and Inclusive: The Case of Cambodia

6/06/2013: Making Growth Green and Inclusive: The Case of Ethiopia

5/06/2013: Putting Green Growth at the Heart of Development 

29/05/2013: Green growth in the Benelux: Indicators of local transition to a low-carbon economy in cross-border regions

23/05/2013: Green Growth in Cities publication 

21/05/2013: Mobilising Private Investment in Sustainable Transport

17/05/2013: Urbanisation and green growth in china

03/05/2013: Cities and Green Growth: The Case of the Chicago Tri-State Metropolitan Area

17/04/2013: Reforms for a Cleaner, Healthier Environment in China

08/04/2013: Cross-Border Trade in Electricity and the Development of Renewables-Based Electric Power

08/04/2013: OECD: Fossil fuel subsidy removal would bring income gains (video)

04/04/2013: Moving Towards a Common Approach on Green Growth Indicators

4-5/04/2013: 2013 Annual Conference: Green Growth Knowledge Platform

27/03/2013:  What have we learned from attempts to introduce green-growth policies? 

22/03/2013: Speeding up reforms will foster more inclusive and greener growth in China

08/03/2013: OECD Environmental Performance Review: Italy 2013

06/03/2013: The price of oil – will it start rising again?

04/03/2013: OECD Economic Survey: South Africa 2013  (includes chapter on "getting to the right shade of green")

27/02/2013:  A clean energy economy - Lessons from Iceland

27/02/2013: OECD work on Environment: 2013-2014

27/02/2013: Why New Business Models Matter for Green Growth

28/01/2013: Taxing Energy Use

23/11/2012: Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum



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Why green growth?


The crisis convinced many countries that a different kind of economic growth is needed. In response, many governments are putting in place measures aimed at a green recovery. Together with innovation, going green can be a long-term driver for economic growth, through, for example, investing in renewable energy and improved efficiency in the use of energy and materials.


By analysing economic and environmental policies together, by looking at ways to spur eco-innovation and by addressing other key issues related to a transition to a greener economy such as jobs and skills, investment, taxation, trade and development, the OECD can show the way to make a cleaner low-carbon economy compatible with growth.


Towards Green Growth provides recommendations to help governments to identify the policies that can help achieve the most efficient shift to greener growth, focusing, for example, on:

  • green jobs and social aspects
  • green taxes and regulatory approaches 
  • industrial restructuring and renewal
  • fiscal consolidation  
  • green technologies  
  • peer reviews  
  • co-operation between OECD countries and emerging economies
  • involvement of stakeholders


"We need to make growth greener, to make our economic and environmental policies more compatible and even mutually-reinforcing.  This is not just a matter of new technologies or new sources of renewable, safe energy.  It is about how we all behave every day of our lives, what we eat, what we drink, what we recycle, re-use, repair, how we produce and how we consume."


OECD Week 2011: Better Policies for Better Lives - A message from OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría.

"The rewards of greening the world's economies are tangible and considerable, the means are at hand for both governments and the private sector, and the time to engage the challenge is now."'


UNEP, Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication



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‌‌Linking Renewable Energy to Rural Development



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