Policy coherence for sustainable development

Sixth Meeting of the National Focal Points for PCD, 13 June 2013




Summary Record


Session 1
Insights from developments in national PCD systems: Key dilemmas for advancing PCD, Paul Engel, Director, ECDPM

Session 2
Measuring OECD responses to illicit financial flows from developing countries, Kjetil Hansen, Policy Analyst, DCD OECD

Session 3
PCD in a post-2015 setting: Defining key objectives for PCD, Guido Ashoff, Head of Unit, German Development Institute

Session 4
Using indicators of policy effort to assess PCD, Carina Lindberg and Dorothee Georg, SGE/PCD OECD

Meeting Documentation

Draft paper: The OECD’s contribution on policy coherence for development to the post-2015 framework (Working dinner)

ECDM Discussion paper: Insights from Developments in National Policy Coherence for Development Systems: Key Cross Cutting Issues and Dilemmas (Session 1)

Concept Note: Using OECD indicators of policy effort to assess PCD (Session 4)

OECD PCD Flagship report 2013: Better Policies for Development