Policy coherence for sustainable development

HLPF 2019 Events



9 -18 July, 2019 

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High-level events

• 16 July, 8:00-9:30am, Side Event ‘Governance for the SDGs: Learning from country experiences and defining an agenda for the future’, hosted by the Government of Romania in collaboration with the Government of Iceland and the OECD. The Side Event convened a panel of high-level representatives (including the Prime Minister of Iceland, Prime Minister of Aruba, HE Helen Clark, the Assistant Secretary General of UNDP (Abdoulaye Mar Dieye), the Minister of regional development from the Czech Republic, the Deputy Minister for National Planning from Egypt, the State Councillor for the SDGs in Romania, and the Heads of the SDG Commissions of Spain, Aruba, Argentina and Finland) to discuss domestic governance challenges associated with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a future Global Hub for the Governance of the SDGs. It  highlighted the ‘means of implementation’ (SDG 17), in particular peer-to-peer learning on whole-of-government coordination and the development of national plans to implement the SDGs. 

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• 16 July, 12-2pm, UAE Mission, Side Event on “The role of long-term pathways and effective Public Management Systems in delivering on national strategies for the SDGs”. The purpose was to encourage a candid, evidence-based and differentiated debate on how target-based policy making, strategic visioning and effective long-term planning can help countries deliver on their commitment to achieve the SDGs by 2030. This event was co-organised by SDSN and the OECD.

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» OECD-SDSN Reflection Paper, July 2019

• 17 July, 4-5:30pm, AU Mission Side Event on “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”, co-organised by the African Peer Review Mechanisms and the OECD. The main objective of the meeting was to sensitize and dialogue with member states, participants and stakeholders on the VNRs focussing on SDG 16 and to further showcase the Africa Governance Report.

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Expert-level meetings

• 12 July, 3-6 pm, SDG Learning session – From silos to synergies: Governance and policy coherence tools for implementing the SDGs in an integrated manner. This 3-hour learning session was part of UNITAR and UNDESA’s HLPF SDGs Learning, Training & Practice where we launched and presented the Online PCSD Toolkit.

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• 12-13 July, Expert Group Meeting on “Optimizing SDGs implementation in the framework of integration and policy coherence”. This one and half day meeting, co-organised by UN Environment, UNOSD and the OECD, aimed to bring together experts from different countries along with representatives of civil society, think tanks and international organizations to share knowledge and experience on assessing SDGs interlinkages and trade-offs with a view to identifying optimal policy interventions. The discussions focused on how to promote integrated approaches and policy coherence in SDG implementation. Session 2 focused on “Building integrated approaches to SDG implementation; How to enhance PCSD?”.


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