Public employment and management

Remote working: 5 ways to find a balance between remote and in-office presence in the public service


The COVID-19 crisis, has presented an unprecedented opportunity to experiment with new ways of working and to find a new balance of remote and in-office presence in the future.

Today, with vaccine strategies in many OECD countries beginning to provide new optimism for an imminent return to the office, the time is right to set a blueprint not just for returning to the office as it was before, but as it will be for years into the future.  And this raises big questions: 

  • What has been learned about remote working since the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • How do public servants expect to be working in the future?
  • How can governments design new policies today to bridge the gap? 

This summary report from the OECD's Public Employment and Management Working Party webinar on this subject (3 June 2021) outlines five key areas to provide guidance and inspiration to governments to design a new way of working that leverages lessons learned from the pandemic and contributes to the future of work in the public service. 

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