Innovative government

A framework for public sector innovation


A new landscape

  • technology is transforming how citizens interact with government
  • citizens are more informed 
  • the publics expectations have increased
  • governments need be able to respond to the challenge
  • public organisations need to come up with new ideas, try new approaches & work in new ways

To help governments in their pursuit of innovative practices the OECD has developed an integrated framework for analysing public sector innovation.

The 4 levels where innovation takes place: 

  1. the innovator
  2. the organisation in which they work 
  3. the public sector as a whole
  4. society

The 4 organisational factors:

1. People

The cultural dimension – how people are motivated within an organisational setting to explore new ideas and experiment with
new approaches.

2. Knowledge

The realm of knowledge and learning which allows us to consider issues related to the collection, analysis and sharing of
information, knowledge development and learning.

3. Ways of working

The way work is structured within and across organisations may have an impact on innovation in the public sector.

4. Rules and processes

Rules and processes, (including the legal/regulatory framework, budgeting, and approval processes) may offer (or block) opportunities to innovate


      Public sector innovation framework



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