Direction des affaires financières et des entreprises

La Direction des affaires financières et des entreprises aide les gouvernements à promouvoir la croissance inclusive en améliorant les politiques nationales et les règles mondiales régissant les marchés et la conduite des entreprises.

Strengthening trust in business

The OECD Trust in Business initiative is a platform for leaders to catalyse good corporate conduct, examine market incentives for business decision-making and respond to the expectations of society in meeting current and future challenges

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Infrastructure Platform

Infrastructure is complex, long-term by nature, and involves numerous risks and stakeholders. The OECD Infrastructure Platform provides access to guidance, good practices, data and analysis to support policy makers in the pursuit of sustainable and quality infrastructure.

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Global Forum on Infrastructure

11-12 October 2022 - The 2022 forum will focus on effective governance practices related to infrastructure planning, delivery and decision-making, including the latest trends to maximise the benefits of infrastructure to societies and economies.

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Finance et investissement verts

Le Centre de l'OCDE sur la finance et l'investissement verts a vocation à accélérer et à accompagner la transition vers une économie verte.

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