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Green Growth Knowledge Platform 2013 annual conference


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The second GGKP Annual Conference in 2013 will focus on private sector implementation aspects of green growth in areas of mutual interest to advanced, emerging and developing countries. The conference will bring together a dynamic mix of private sector representatives, policymakers and academics from around the world, with participation from OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría and UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner. The GGKP conference will stir discussions to identify the opportunities as well as challenges to spread the economic benefits of green growth throughout the global economy and contribute to the achievement of countries’ development objectives. It will communicate fresh ideas from recent policy research to help countries shape their green growth policies that are simultaneously environmentally effective, cost-efficient and socially inclusive.   


"The OECD is excited to be a part of this growing green community of practice. The GGKP is an important forum to initiate and coordinate collaborative green growth analysis and studies. In this vein, the OECD is looking forward to hosting the 2013 Annual GGKP Conference on 4-5 April.”

OECD Deputy Secretary-General Rintaro Tamaki

Greening Global Value Chains

 ‌Green Value Chains

The first day of the conference will discuss policy measures and tools that provide the right incentives for “greening” global value chains. It will focus on corporate initiatives to account for environmental concerns and improve the performance through enhanced integration in the value chain. Global Value Chains (GVCs) refer to the concept that the whole process of producing goods, from raw materials to finished products, has increasingly been “sliced” and each process can now be carried out wherever the necessary skills and materials are available at competitive cost. These global value chains are now experiencing a new trend towards greener products. The move towards greener GVCs has opene‌d an array of opportunities for stronger integration in global value chains by sharing tasks and enabling markets in sustainable goods and services in emerging and developing countries.


Measuring and Reporting for Green Growth


The second day of the conference will look at corporate initiatives to develop measurement and reporting tools to take into account the impact on the environment. Indeed, addressing environmental pressures and achieving green growth pose measurement challenges to both firms and governments. It will, therefore, explore such challenges arising in developing and in developed countries, and will also cover government efforts to provide a framework for monitoring the greening of economic activities. This will be an opportunity for both government and business representatives to assess the possibilities to work more closely together in aligning the key metrics which will govern policy development and corporate reporting.

International organisations map common approach on green growth indicators


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Conference issue notes


OECD and Green Growth

The GGKP work is highly complementary to the OECDs Green Growth Strategy. A range of resources is available via the OECD website, such as information on green growth indicators, specific country application of green growth policies, as well as the latest reports and publications that make up both the Green Growth Studies and Paper series. Please visit our website for this as well as more news relevant to green growth:

In particular, the OECD has done much work on Global Value Chains over the years, including:

•    Staying Competitive in the Global Economy: Moving Up the Value Chain
•    Staying Competitive in the Global Economy: Compendium of Studies on Global Value Chains
•    Measuring Trade in Value Added: An OECD-WTO joint initiative
•    Trade Policy Implications of Global Value Chains
•    OECD-WTO Database on Trade in Value added‌


For more on Global Value Chains, please click here.

green growth indicatorsFurthermore, reporting and measurement plays a significant part in all OECD work. The OECD Towards Green Growth: Monitoring Progress report was launched as part of the Green Growth Strategy, and this is becoming part of country initiatives on green growth, such as with Korea, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark,, who have all issued reports based on the above publication. Mexico, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia as well as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Peru in the LAC region and a few Eastern European and East-Asian countries are now also using the OECD indicators’ framework to support their respective national efforts .



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