Développement économique et création locale d’emplois (LEED)

Study visit: Delegation of the Chinese Enterprises Research Institute and the Chinese Development Bank (Trento, Italy)


30 March 2012, Trento, Italy


A high level delegation from the Chinese Development Research Center (DRC) and the China Development Bank (CDB) visited the OECD LEED Trento Centre on Friday 30th of March 2012. CDB is a leader in the implementation of the Chinese state’s macroeconomic policies and has assumed an active role in raising and channelling funds to alleviate the bottlenecks of financing restraints and strengthen weak links in the State's economy.

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The Development Research Center is a leading policy research and consulting institution specialising in research on enterprise development and reform policy, which is directly under the State Council. The objective of the study visit was to learn from European experiences on how to promote the development of SMEs. The Trento Centre also organised a study tour in the Province of Trento in order to discuss with revelant, local level institutions about the framework for SME promotion system in Italy and in Trentino, including with regard to the organisations responsible for promoting SMEs and the policy tools benefiting SMEs.

The delegation met with Mr. Lorenzo Dellai and Mr. Ivano Dalmonego, President and General Director respectively of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

After the institutional meeting with representatives of the provincial government, the delegation participated in a round table workshop jointly organised by the OECD Trento Centre and the Province of Trento, which gathered institutional representatives of the Province of Trento (the Director General for Industry, the Director General for Research and Innovation, the Internationalisation Manager, the Director of the Local Development Agency), and major local stakeholders (President of the Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of the Federation of Cooperatives, president of Association of Artisans and Small Businesses, President of Confcommercio, Vice Presidnet of Confindustria) for a very fruitful and intense discussion.
During the afternoon, the delegation visited the Bruno Kessler Foundation and met with its President, Mr. Massimo Egidi, and the Secretary General, Mr. Andrea Simoni. During the meeting the delegation had the opportunity to learn about the research fields of the Foundation and to discuss the business oriented approach of the research led by the Foundation and the efforts they dedicate to technological transfer activities.

A meeting was also organised with the University of Trento. Mr. Collini, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics welcomed the delegation on behalf of the Rector and presented the university as part of the local research system.

Finally, the delegation visited a co-operative winery, CAVIT, and received a presentation by the Director of the Federation of Cooperatives of Trentino, Mr. Carlo Dellasega, on the co-operation system in the Province of Trento and its specificities.

For more details about the study visit, please download the study visit agenda.


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