Développement économique et création locale d’emplois (LEED)

Report: Job creation through the social economy and social entrepreneurship



Pages: 166

Languages: English

Publication Date:  February 2013


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This report examines the role of Social Economy Organisation's in the provision of employment, and how they have fared during the recent period of economic turbulence. Attention was also paid to SEOs working with vulnerable individuals, either as direct providers of jobs, or providers of training and services designed to help vulnerable individuals into the mainstream labour market. In particular, the research sought to gain greater understanding of working conditions within these SEOs, and the challenges they faced in providing high quality employment while having to keep costs low in order to operate in competitive markets.


Table of contents


·         Job Creation Through The Social Economy And Social Entrepreneurship

·         Introduction

·         The Contribution Of The Social Economy To Employment

·         Methodology

·         Overview Of The Cases

·         Employment Creation By The Social Economy Organisations

·         Social Economy Organisations Working With Vulnerable Groups

·         Employment Quality In Social Economy Organisations  

·         Policy Interventions And Conclusions

·         References

·         Annex 1



·         Territorial Data

·         Introduction

·         Tasmania, Australia

·         Western Sydney, Australia

·         Flanders, Belgium

·         British Columbia, Canada

·         Quebec, Canada

·         Bourgogne, France

·         Bretagne, France

·         Lombardia, Italy

·         Puglia, Italy

·         Luxembourg

·         Regiunea Centru, Romania

·         Regiunea Sud Est, Romania

·         Östergötland, Sweden

·         Västra Götaland, Sweden

·         References






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