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Society at a Glance - Asia/Pacific Edition 2009


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Please cite as: OECD/Korea Policy Centre (2009), Society at a Glance - Asia/Pacific Edition

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Publication date: 
13 August 2009

No. of Pages: 116



Society at a Glance – Asia/Pacific Edition 2009, a joint OECD/Korea Policy Centre publication, offers a concise quantitative overview of social trends and policies across Asia-Pacific economies.

This first edition draws from various secondary data sources to present a wide range of information on social issues such as:

  • migration
  • employment and unemployment
  • poverty and inequality
  • gender wage gaps
  • social and health care expenditure
  • prison populations and drug usage
  • work and life satisfaction

Included is a guide to help readers understand the structure of OECD social indicators.

In addition to giving insights on the effectiveness of public policies and their contribution in furthering social and economic development, Society at a Glance – Asia/Pacific Edition 2009 aims to enhance interaction between OECD member countries and non-member Asia-Pacific economies.

Press release

OECD reveals evolving social trends in Asia-Pacific

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Key findings for selected economies

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Full publication (.PDF - 8mb)

Data files (.XLS) available for:

[4th September 2009: Data for Chinese Taipei have been updated for GE2-3-5, SS1-2-3, EQ1-2-3, HE1-2-4-5 and CO1-2-8. Some figures may differ slightly from the published version.]

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Maxime Ladaique or David Jonathan Gonzalez-Villascan from the OECD's Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate, or Ko Eunkyong from the OECD/Korea Policy Centre.