Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Seminar on “Influencing attitudes and skills for entrepreneurship and SME growth: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and south east Europe”, Skopje, Macedonia, 27 February 2006


Entrepreneurship is one of the most important drivers of local economic development. New firm formation and the activities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) help drive job creation and economic growth through accelerating innovation and promoting the full use of human, financial and other resources. The vitality of the new and small firm sector is therefore a major determinant of local and national competitiveness. 
Over the past 23 years the OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme has provided a forum for national and local governments and development agencies to assess and exchange information on entrepreneurship policy development at local level.  Since 2004, through its Trento Centre for Local Development, the LEED Programme has extended its reach to enable agents in member and non-member countries in central, east and south east Europe to join this forum for information exchange and problem solving in local development policies. 

In 2005, LEED Trento Centre organised a series of capacity building seminars in South-East Europe to assess how to face key challenges in the area of entrepreneurship policy development.  These seminars were a follow-up of the LEED Trento Centre capacity building seminar on entrepreneurship held on 13-17 December 2004 in Trento.

The seminar in Macedonia continued the work on the case studies identified during the Trento seminar and further explored the theme of Entrepreneurship Spirit and Skills. This event was organised in collaboration with the Agency for Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Macedonia. It aimed to:

  • Consider what hinders more positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship activity in south east Europe and how policy can intervene to encourage attitudes that better reflect the real risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.
  • Consider where managerial capacities are weak in SMEs and assess the instruments and approaches available to improve SME management skills in south east Europe.

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