Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Report on “Enhancing the Capacity of Partnerships to Influence Policy”, Trento, Italy, August 2007


The OECD LEED Programme has just released a report on "Enhancing the Capacity of Partnerships to Influence Policy” which gathers the experience of the two capacity building seminars organised by the Trento Centre for Local Development in close co-operation with the Forum office unit at the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) in Vienna Austria.

The , Austria (5-7 December 2006) and the seminar in Dublin, Ireland (16-18 April 2007) were important stock-taking exercises that highlighted previous experiences, and future ambitions, in relation to the influence of public policy.

Representatives from local partnership organisations, brining together eight different OECD countries, met twice for two and a half days to engage in a debate and intensive exchange of experience around the “Why”, the “What” and the “How” of influencing public policy.

This report provides an overview of the presentations and the overall discussion of the two events.


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