Future-proofing Adult Learning in Cities

Helping cities design, manage and implement adult learning

Labour markets are changing. The types of jobs available and the skills required to perform them are shifting at an ever-faster pace. The extent to which individuals, firms and local economies can reap the benefits of these changes will largely depend on the future readiness of adult learning systems.

Through these systems, societies can help people develop and maintain relevant skills during their working life, and prepare them for the changes occurring with the future of work.

Due to the diverse impact of global economic changes on regional and local labour markets, cities and local governments play a vital role in creating adult learning systems that contribute to resilient societies and more productive economies.

The OECD, in collaboration with the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Eurocities, is developing an ambitious programme to support policy makers and practitioners at city levels in the design, management, and implementation of adult learning policies and programmes.


15-17 February 2022 OECD Local Skills Week: Future-Proofing Local Skills Systems

Across the OECD, labour markets are tightening and more than 2 out of 5 employers state they have difficulties filling jobs. People require training, reskilling and upskilling now more than ever to fill these gaps. Read the highlights and listen to the replays to find out how local communities can respond to this urgent call for solutions.

Highlights & replays

Adult learning, Berlin

This report shows novel measures on demand for digital skills and automation risks and makes suggestions on how to include vulnerable groups in learning.

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Skills policy manual

To support local governments in their efforts to future-proof adult learning systems, this policy manual presents a range of policy options and concrete actions that can inspire and guide work at the local level.

R‌ead the policy manual

Adult Learning, London

37% of Londoners work in jobs that do not match their qualifications. Effective adult learning could help London alleviate large skills gaps and mismatches.

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Examples of innovative adult learning in cities with the new OECD PLACES portal: Providing Local Actors with Case Studies, Evidence and Solutions

Many examples of city-level practices exist. The Future-proofing Adult Skills Learning in Cities project helps gather these examples so that city leaders and local stakeholders can learn from innovative programmes in adult learning conducted in other cities. 

Discover the new OECD portal PLACES: Providing Local Actors with Case Studies, Evidence and Solutions, where you can broze dozens of case studies of local innovations around the world.


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