Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Conference on “Clusters of Enterprises and the Internationalisation of SMEs”, Timisoara, Romania, 24 May 2004


The delocalisation of Italian businesses from the Veneto region to the Romanian County of Timisoara has given a new impetus to entrepreneurship development and job creation in the county. What are the factors that contributed to this success? Which development strategy should the Timisoara region follow in the near future? Is the successful example of Timisoara replicable?

This conference aimed at reflecting on these issues and became a platform that involved regional Chambers of Commerce and Regional Development Agencies. This event was organised by the LEED Programme in close collaboration with the Central European Initiative, the City of Timisoara and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Timisoara. For more information, please contact from the LEED Programme Secretariat.

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