Growth and Sustainability in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa


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Growth and Sustainability in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa is based on the proceedings of a conference, organised by the OECD, on the growth performance of these large emerging-market economies. The book brings together contributions from distinguished policymakers and scholars. It discusses the growth experiences of these countries, including how they have fared in the wake of the recent global financial crisis. It also examines these countries’ prospects for sustaining strong growth over the long term.

The chapters in this book offer new analyses of the growth process in individual countries. They explore, for example, the reduction of external vulnerability in Brazil, the contribution of human and physical capital accumulation in China and Indonesia, initiatives to promote infrastructure and social development in India, and financial deepening in South Africa. These chapters identify the specific drivers of growth in each country, and thus strengthen our understanding of the policy levers that can be used to sustain growth in the years to come. 


Chapter 1: 

A brief history of Brazil's growth 
by Eliana Cardoso and Vladimir Kuhl Teles


Chapter 2: 

by Gang Fan and Xiaolu Wang


Chapter 3: 

by Arvind Virmani and Rajeev Malhotra


Chapter 4: 

by M. Chatib Basri and Sjamsu Rahardja

Chapter 5: 

by Johannes Fedderke

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Further reading:

  • 2010 Economic Survey of South Africa
  • 2010 Economic Survey of China
  • 2009 Economic Survey of Brazil
  • 2008 Economic Assessment of Indonesia
  • 2007 Economic Survey of India


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