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OECD, ILO and WHO sign a MoU operationalising the Working for Health Multi-Partner Trust Fund


OECD, in partnership with ILO and WHO, establishes UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund to drive forward recommendations from the Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth


The OECD in partnership with WHO and ILO has established a joint “Working for Health” five-year action plan to galvanise international support and help countries develop their own health workforce policies and capacities. This work will help countries achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly good health and well-being, quality education, decent jobs and gender equality.

The joint programme will deliver concrete and actionable responses to the ten recommendations made by the United Nations Secretary’s High level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth.

Specifically, the joint programme will:

  • Encourage commitments and foster intersectoral engagement
  • Galvanise accountability, commitment and advocacy
  • Strengthen health labour market data collection, analysis and monitoring
  • Accelerate investment in transformative education, skills and job creation
  • Establish an international platform on international health workforce mobility

‌The three organisations signed a memorandum of understanding on 23 May to establish a United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF). The fund enables partners to pool resources and drive implementation of the action plan.

The MPTF aims to raise US$70 million over five years and be responsive to demand from those countries wishing to implement multi-sectoral solutions engaging education, employment, finance and health sectors. The government of Norway, a member of the UN High-Level Commission, has already committed to supporting the MPTF, and encourage others to invest in transformative education, skills and job creation in the global health care workforce.



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