Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Seminar: Evaluation of programmes for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (Jerusalem, Israel)


25 April 2013, Jerusalem, Israel

One-day seminar on the evaluation of programmes for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises
organised by the Israeli Small and Medium Business Agency and the OECD LEED programme

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This seminar will be prepared by the LEED Programme for officials of the Israeli Small and Medium Business Agency (SMBA) and for managers and co-ordinators of public programmes supported by the SMBA. It will present the major issues and principles involved in designing, commissioning, undertaking and using evaluations of SME programmes illustrated with examples of good practice.

The seminar will support SMBA stakeholders in planning and controlling the evaluation processes that they conduct through outsourcing to external experts and to build the methodology for programme evaluations in the SMBA. This will help improve the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of ASBM programmes and build a base for policy design and policy adjustments for the next five years.

The workshop will be interactive and involve the presentation of issues and good practices by the international representatives, open discussions of the international experiences and working groups to exchange on how to evaluate specific SMBA programmes in the future.

The two underlying themes of the workshop are:

  • Developing the evaluation framework of SMBA, including methodologies for what should be evaluated, when and how, and how information should be utilised.
  • Implementing appropriate evaluation methodologies for specific programmes.

A preliminary agenda can be downloaded here.



The workshop is for policy makers and practitioners who are interested in commissioning and managing evaluations of business development programmes. Participants will include officials of the Israeli Agency of Small and Medium Businesses, the OECD Secretariat and international experts.



The workshop will take place in Jerusalem.



For further information on the project, please contact Jonathan Potter, Senior Economist or Stuart Thompson, Policy Analyst.


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