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We offer best practice on how to create more and better quality jobs through effective policy implementation and local initiatives. Click here to learn more about the Programme.

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This webinar will bring together experts and government representatives, supplemented by the recent OECD papers on Multi-level governance of Active Labour Market Policies and Integrating Local Services for Individuals in Vulnerable Situations.

This webinar presented the latest findings from the 2023 edition of the OECD flagship publication, Job Creation and Local Economic Development, learn from international experiences, and discuss the implications for Scotland, UK.

The second High-level Summit, Inspiration, innovation and inclusion: Shaping our future with the social and solidarity economy, of the OECD Global Action on Promoting Social and Solidarity Ecosystems, funded by the EU, will be hosted in person at the OECD Headquarters in Paris and on line on 20-21 March 2023.

 This international policy guide presents how policy makers can support social impact measurement for the social and solidarity economy by: (i) improving the policy framework, (ii) delivering guidance, (iii) building evidence and (iv) supporting capacity.

 This international policy guide provides step-by-step guidance to help policy makers i) assess why and when legal frameworks for the social and solidarity economy are needed; ii) select legal options and involve stakeholders; iii) evaluate the performance of laws, and, iv) foster international peer learning on this topic. 

Building on many data sources and country examples on women’s employment in the social and solidarity economy (SSE) this report: i) analyses women’s employment in the SSE, ii) explores challenges to gender equality in the SSE and, iii) provides policy recommendations to recognise women’s work and leadership in the SSE and in the wider economy.

The green transition is changing jobs, skills, and local economies. Register to the launch of the new CFE report, Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2023: Bridging the Great Green Divide.

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